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About Us

St. Joseph's Centre of Hope for Women is committed to offering support to single or low-income mothers facing difficult situations. We offer a safe space for women to discuss all their options and to provide practical, medical, financial, and emotional support for mother and child.

If you or someone you know is facing a difficult situation and you’re not sure what your next steps are, call us and speak to one of our compassionate consultants who can walk you through your options.

Every life is precious to us. We support and embrace all mothers and their children who are experiencing challenges in difficult circumstances.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To offer warm, inviting, and loving care to single or low-income mothers. We remain supportive of the mother who seeks our assistance during a difficult period in her life.

All under the patronage of St. Joseph.


Our Vision

St. Joseph's Centre of Hope for Women envisions itself as a place where a mother will experience love, encouragement, and acceptance from our consultants, and where she will be confident in knowing that we, her village, will be there for her along the way.

We Need Your Support Today!

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